Whole Foods Market

I stopped by Whole Foods Market in the new ‘Summit at Fritz Farm’ in Lexington this afternoon, and talked to some very nice people there.

Now if you don’t know much about the place, they pride themselves in naturally grown and organic foods for a healthier living. Not a bad idea! We could all live healthier lives by the food we eat. I know I certainly could.

Fresh Grilled Corn-on-the-Cobb

While there, I talked to a very nice gentleman named, Dave, helping out in Lexington for the grand opening weekend.

Dave has been with Whole Foods Market for twenty-two years and really loves his job. His smile is genuine, and he is well suited for customer service. Dave tells me he is an assistant Team-Leader at his Columbus, Ohio store (blah, Buckeyes), where he has been his entire career with Whole Foods. Kudos, Dave. Nice job!

Dave, (on the right), laughs with a fellow employee during a happy moment.

Started in 1984, Whole Foods Market at grown to 466 stores world-wide and just recently opened this new location in Lexington. They were previously located just up the road at Lexington Green, but Dave says the store was so run down, they had to move – and soon! So they did! And now they are located in Lexington’s newest shopping plaza (center) at the southeast corner of Nicholasville Road and Man O’ War.

The land still belongs to the Fritz family, much like Hamburg belongs to (or did), the Madden family.

So next time you’re in this area, and you like a healthier choice for your food consumption, stop by Whole Foods Market and check them out. Say hello to Dave too, while you’re there.

Oh by-the-way, the company was just purchased by Amazon, but is planning to keep the Whole Foods brand alive. At least for now.


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