“Lakeside Live” is a smash!

Written and photographed by: Dan Pendleton

Saturday, July 1, 2017

For weeks now as I traveled either down Nicholasville Road or New Circle Road (Circle 4) in Lexington, I noticed a lot of people and music coming from the plaza nearby. Interesting, I thought, and seriously wanted to investigate this event I had been hearing on the weekends for weeks now.

So on this late, but beautiful summer Saturday afternoon, I stopped by ‘The Mall at Lexington Green’ to see exactly what was up… and you know what? I found out.

The plaza (albeit one of the older ones in town), is hosting throughout the summer months (Friday, Saturday and Sundays), this event called, ‘Lakeside Live’ where you bring the family and friends and enjoy an evening of food, fun and live music. Its a really cool thing! And the best thing about it is, it’s free! The band does accept tips and they have a ‘tip cup’ right on stage.

So, with camera bag and gear in tow, I spent about two hours there enjoying the people, and the music.

Tonight’s band was a local central Kentucky band who does mostly weddings and socials called, ‘Boogie G and The Titanics’, and I’m guessing Boogie G stands for George since George Burdette seems to be the owner and lead playing a beautiful Bass guitar.

George Burdette lead singer/player for Boogie G

Other band members are, lead guitarist Dan Trisko, and drummer, Steve Lewis. Each of these guys also sing and harmonize very well together. However, George seems to sing most of the songs.

With my cameras strapped around me, off I went walking around the place snapping photos one right after another and found myself amazed at how nice the people were letting me get in their way and seemingly enjoying the fact that I was there photographing.

Some wanted me to take their picture, even.


Music from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s bellowed throughout the place, which is by the way, outdoors near a pond with a fountain and the weather, although hot and muggy, wasn’t too bad at all. Big Ass Fans has two or three fans circulating some air and I believe they help sponsor the event. I did of course, have to take shower number two afterwards.

Food (and there was plenty of that from local restaurants in the plaza), family, friends and fun makes this event very special and many of the patrons, who were to my surprise, elderly, got up and danced in a small space near the stage. These people like to party and have a good time! Of course booze helps a little bit.



Picking my way through the crowd, I found myself dancing to the beat and smiling at the people as I took their photos. I think I had as much fun as they did.

‘Boogie G’ had everyone either tapping with their hands and feet, or on the marble slab dance floor dancing.

There were people of all ages and race stretching as far as the hotel patio on the other side of the lake. Parking, however, isn’t the best and folks, including myself, parked along the curb coming around the backside of the plaza.

So all-in-all, on this late Saturday afternoon, early evening, I found out what was going on at ‘The Mall at Lexington Green’ and I gotta say its pretty neat! I did tell my wife about it and I’d like for her and I to go. Y’all come, too! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

‘Lakeside Live’ is a smash! Enjoy!


Oh, btw. Mister Softee is there, too!


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